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Created28.03.2023 18:29

Javier Gonzalez (javi2928) 28.03.2023 18:29
I need help I want to convert the logsplitwr from fs 19 to fs 22 I got everything to work except the part that bushes to split the log I don't see the button to do that how I fix

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 09.04.2023 07:01
What log splitter? Is it a mod?

Javier Gonzalez (javi2928) 12.04.2023 02:25
The one that is green I'm fs 19 want to convert to fs 22

Javier Gonzalez (javi2928) 12.04.2023 06:26
I can't get the part that pushes the log to work also the Key you push to use it can't get that to work either

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