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I neede help for LUA script

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Created29.03.2023 00:21

Joeblower (JoeBlower) 29.03.2023 00:21
I want to make a mod that is call real hydrostatic and I don't think I neede to tell what it will do, but I neede help to know how to make my LUA script changing the way make the ttractor or what ever vehicle that you drive is hydrostatic to make go forward without RPM increasing and and an another part that will make me able with an axis or with the press of a button to increase/decrease throttle to make my hydrostatic pump turn faster wich will make the tractor more ˝powerfull˝ or more close to it's max power if you want, and if you have some logic that entire thing I write just translate to I have absolutely now idea of what I'm doing in LUA script

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