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Created25.04.2023 13:43

Peter Deser (Geissenbauer) 25.04.2023 13:43
Why all Textures in the map in GE are white? When are you fix that?

Pavel Man (pavelMAN) 25.04.2023 16:08

Pavel Man (pavelMAN) 25.04.2023 16:15
Modding changes

New GIANTS Editor version
Added option for LODs of terrain occluders for increased performance
Custom terrain shaders in mod maps need to be adjusted (add 'pos *= instanceData.w;' at the end of the 'getPatchCoords' function)

Peter Deser (Geissenbauer) 25.04.2023 19:56
Its good and thats all right now Thanks

Johan Labuschagne (johanlab1968) 25.04.2023 23:14
Hi. I do not understand the Video. Is it available in English

Geir Erik (NO_Erik) 25.04.2023 23:49
Could you please show us in the script where to add the 'instanceData.w' ?
Or could I send over the xml?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.04.2023 12:36
There is no need to add anything just make sure you update the game to

Sergey Moldavchuk (Nestor_Dionis) 26.04.2023 12:42
Dear friends, the problem of "white" terrains in giant editor 9.0.4. is solved by saving the map in this version of the editor (Version game:1. 9.1.0), but first of all, make backup copies of your projects just in case

Geir Erik (NO_Erik) 26.04.2023 15:59
I have opened it in editor 9.0.4, how do I save it as version
When I'm opening it in editor, all the terrain is white....
Please advice. :-)

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.04.2023 16:29
You don't as I previosly said update the game to

Geir Erik (NO_Erik) 26.04.2023 17:10
Yes, I have been updated to this is why it all went wrong...
I got the update when I started the game.

Geir Erik (NO_Erik) 26.04.2023 17:11
But I see now when I start the game that it's possible to roll back to,
The game is working as it should again now after rolling back to
I think I'll wait with the update until Giants have made the hotfix for the
I read something about their gonna make a hotfix.
The editor was not the problem. ;-)

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