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Created29.05.2023 10:51

Barry Ryerson (bazthehat) 29.05.2023 10:51
Hi, I'm very new to modding and LUA, though I have some programming experience with basic, HTML, and JS. I've been trying to read up about modding using the tutorials in this site, but can't find any of the sample scripts it tries to talk through.

I've also been hunting for information on what should be basic commands such as FSBaseMission and Utils.appendedFunction (two commands I've found in a really simple mod I've been trying to reverse engineer) but I can't find any information on them.

Can someone please throw some help to a noob here? TIA.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 30.05.2023 20:35
I would make a copy of the FS22 "DATA" folder on your PC for reference. Most of GIANTS mods are unzipped so the search function might find items within the xml files. Look for a in-game MOD that does what you want and then go through the mod xml to see how GIANTS does it.

Barry Ryerson (bazthehat) 31.05.2023 11:29
Thanks, that's pretty much what I'm trying but it's like learning how to scuba dive by someone showing me pictures of penguins. I know water is involved but can't see how.

Hunting through other mods just keeps opening up new questions, and every time I search for the commands or variables I see in a mod on this website, I can't find anything relevant.

Just hate coding something where I have no idea how or why it works.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 31.05.2023 20:11
Have you gone through the LUADOC - Farming Simulator 22 info. I did figure out a few xml commands after search for specific variables.

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