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Field edge not lining up

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Created30.05.2023 01:20

PhxBred 30.05.2023 01:20
So I was playing Red River from Camil and hit the "you don't have access" issue, no problem. I unzip the map and open GE to fix the edge but the field edges don't seem to line up like they should in the editor. When doing a contract on the field(the limed one) I couldn't get close to the grass edge when going North/South but when going West/East I could get slightly closer to it. Just to test it I bought the field it let me go way way past the edge into the adjoining field. In the editor the field edges line up right along the grass border. Everything is up to date but nothing lines up. Anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.05.2023 11:18
How are you adjusting the field edges ?

PhxBred 30.05.2023 21:27
Using Terrain layer info paint mode and selecting which field I need to paint

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 30.05.2023 22:31
Terrain layer info paint mode only paints the farmland area not the field area, field area is defined by the field dimensions.
Check the field dimensions in GE by selecting the main field transform (normally in the Gameplay transform) and select Scripts-Map - Toggle-Render-Field-Areas.
Adjust by selecting the relavant corners and save when finished

PhxBred 31.05.2023 09:24
Ok got the field areas rendered and how to move the edges but they already seem to line up with the edge of the cultivated area that the contract wanted planted. I'm new at this but I'm still not seeing anything outta place, the renderings all seem to line up with the map area. Another field needed plowed, nice square field but the lower half of eastern edge did something similar with the plow stopping short of the edge but as the field got work more north it started going all the way to the edge again, but same thing. Farmlands line up, field area seems to line up, just these crazy areas of stuff stops working

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 31.05.2023 10:57
It appears that Red River is a non stantandard map so the problem will most likely be a a gdm/grle size problem.
I suggest you contact the map author for help

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