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Created30.05.2023 14:12

Berke Serdaro─člu (blauea) 30.05.2023 14:12
Hey everyone. I'm working on tires in blender. I use lattice modifier for tire deformation but when i export it as .i3d it does not work in giants engine. What i have to do or how should i export it to work perfectly in Farming Simulator?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 30.05.2023 15:02
Look at at a GIANTS default tire for reference. (COPY the FS22 "DATA" folder to use for reference.)
The tirePressureDeformation shader is used in the i3d file.
The lattice modifier is not required in BLENDER.

Berke Serdaro─člu (blauea) 31.05.2023 20:31
Oh, finally. Easier than i tought :) Thank you very much!

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