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Created02.06.2023 11:35

Guy Kereopa (Guyphoon) 02.06.2023 11:35
Wondering if anyone can help with steps on how to make a gasStation trigger work?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 02.06.2023 20:22
Are you working on a map or placeable mod?

Find a good working mod for reference.

Guy Kereopa (Guyphoon) 02.06.2023 22:47
I'm working on a map, I understand the building is just a Prop, however I'm struggling to get the trigger to work or even show up when I test ingame, Ive tried following the only tutorial I can find on youtube, so any help would be appreciated

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 03.06.2023 06:54
Are you working strictly from the GIANTS EDITOR or exporting the i3d from BLENDER?
If working for GIANTS EDITOR, find a similar mod from the ModHub. With the mod unzipped, open it and export a gasStation trigger to an i3d file. Then you can import the exported trigger into your i3d. The your xml has to be edited to use the new trigger.

Check this video out: "FS22 Search all xml files for specific code."

<feel free to correct me if I am giving bad advice>

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 04.07.2023 01:06
A trigger is a simple cube with no material or set to invisible with the correct rigid settings. Like David stated you can simply export a trigger and import it to your mod however you need the same placeable setup/type and be sure the trigger is referenced correctly in the correct section of the xml. David is saying the same thing I’m just using different works (haha) but sometimes this helps. Editing or making new mods is done best by copying and then editing things until you get the hang of it. The key is searching every box (shape settings, rigid settings ect…) and look to see what is different from anything else.

FYI there are rigid types then bit settings for those rigid types. Depending on what boxes are checked or what the number is showing determines what that rigid setting does. This applies to vehicle collisions as well. A vehicle’s rigid settings will affect how it interacts with a trigger.

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