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Adding plow function to a mod

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Created06.06.2023 05:15

Grizzly Bear (GRIZZLY415) 06.06.2023 05:15
Any idea why this isnt working? probably something dumb LOL
I used a mod from the basegame and copied everything and changed the nodes. No errors in console.
Its not even popping up "allow create new fields"

<groundReferenceNode node="0>0|0|0|0|14" threshold="0.05" depthNode="0>0|0|0|0|15"/>

<workArea type="plow" functionName="processPlowArea" >
<area startNode="0>0|0|0|0|11" widthNode="0>0|0|0|0|12" heightNode="0>0|0|0|0|13" />
<groundReferenceNode index="1" />
<onlyActiveWhenLowered value="false"/>

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 16.06.2023 14:39
have you changed the vehicle type to plow?

Look at an in game model that is a plow and copy the vehicle type.

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