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Created16.06.2023 14:31

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 16.06.2023 14:31
I don't believe I have seen this yet so I thought I would share here. I found a way to change material in the vehicle game store without doing an object change. So instead of having a color with a material. For example a lot of people along with giants has a color selection of chrome which would be white with material=2 to get a chrome look. I have also seen say chrome red and so on which leads to color limitation and extra lines of code. Well with this process you are able to have any material you want with any color you want.

I use baseMaterialconfig to change material and I use config sets to make that change a scrolling option rather than the typical color pallet giants uses in rim color. Then I use designMaterialconfig to change color. Rather than copy code in here I will share a link to a youtuvbe video I made.

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