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Created19.06.2023 10:15

Kelevra Slevin (Kelevra) 19.06.2023 10:15
Hey, my first time posting and modifying FS22. I have a map that has houses with parts that I dont want as I want to put custom houses in those spots on the farms. I have went through a tutorial regarding removing objects and have removed them using the tool (Giants Editor). The issues are one, the saved game wont load after removing these items from the map. Two when removed I have started a new one but the textures are gone from the trees and lots of other stuff. I have clicked on each object in the tool and hit the delete then save. Am I missing something in the process. As well when I use the Giants Editor the map does not show the terrain but does show objects. Any help or direction would be awesome. As the items could not be removed by the hider tool or selling. Thanks to anyone who might guide me in the right direction...THANKS

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 19.06.2023 11:34
The first thing you need to do is make sure your game and Giants Editor are updated to the latest versions. (new versions have an updated terrain shader hence no terrain in your version)
Removing any item from the map in Giants Editor will always require a new game.
When removing items care must be taken to ensure that the removal will not cause any animation/ location/texture problems with other items.
Some items may be placeables so will have other items assigned in thier i3d's

Always make a backup of your map before you start deleting/changing anything.

Kelevra Slevin (Kelevra) 19.06.2023 15:29
As far as I know nothing is outdated but I will def check and see. Is there a way of telling if they are linked to anything else as animation/ location/texture as they are items like chimney, bbq, antenna.

Thanks again for the info

Backups are always done. Learned that lesson as dev of fivem stuff LOL

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 20.06.2023 11:42
Only way I can think of to find animated objects in a map is to use notepad++ search facility Find in Files

Find What --animatedObjects
replace With --Leave Blank
Filters -- *.*xml
Directory --File path to map root folder

This will then search all the map files xmls for the word animatedObjects and list their location which you can then check to see if there is a link to whatever you are going to delete.

To be honest the easiest way of removing objects from a map without causing problems is in Giants Editor simply move them below the terrain

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