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Created29.06.2023 02:22

Nathan Addis (NATOAddif) 29.06.2023 02:22
Hi there Team,

I've been toying with this idea for a while now, with no real technical understanding or idea of where to begin, but here goes.

On the evening of April 10 2022, Dad took his last breath, and slipped away peacefully after a brave battle with dementia. As a passionate 3rd generation farmer, he was very proud of the family farm, which was sadly lost to divorce.

With Dad gone, and me being an urbanite, FS22 has proven to be a great distraction and great fun. I've really enjoyed the larger scale maps - 4 and 8X especially, although the servers don't seem to cope with them very well, which does seem odd. Maybe someone can shed some light on the reasons why?

Originally, we had two farms. The second one was a couple of kilometres away,and was hilly, but it had to be sold when I was a kid. Would FS22 allow for these two farms to be on one map so that only the two farms were farmable and could you use the road that joins them to drive from one to the other? Ajoining the hill farm is lime works, so there's plenty of fun and potential there.

I would be quite keen to build the home farm in FS22 as a 1:1 scale - it was 348 acres, as well as in 4x and 8X, but I wonder if that might require three scratch-built farm maps.

I feel that it would be a lovely tribute to Dad, Grandad, and Great Grandad - 3 generation of farming history in the family.

As a complete greenfield idiot, is this something that someone or a group might like to do, as I fear that I may never do it justice with my beginner level of "ability"? It is the recreation of a real-world pair of farms, and the wider area has orchards, two rivers that actually meet by the lime works, and some picturesque scenery.

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