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Created03.07.2023 17:34

Siegfried Limberger (Slimbo) 03.07.2023 17:34
Good day,

in the test Runner_public I still have these error messages.
how can I fix these errors?

multiple materials
<!--multiple materials assigned on the same mesh reduce the performance and increase the slot count-->
<!--fix is not required for passing submission, but we recommend it-->
<file>C:\Users\l-sig\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\mods\LS22_Aogashimaa\maps\map\map.i3d</file>
<info>shapeId: '248' name: 'visual' nodeId: '10392' materialIds: '400,111,154,196,185,403,327,187,156'</info>
<info>shapeId: '249' name: 'visual' nodeId: '10394' materialIds: '111,154,196,403,185,327,187,156'</info>

Thank you

Greetings Sigi

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.07.2023 18:49
You now are only allowed to have one texture/image applied to a mesh,
If a mesh has more than one image assigned to it ,for example a house mesh where the walls are from one image and doors from another then the mesh has to be split so that each image (doors) and (walls) are assigned to their own mesh.
One way around it is to combine the different textures into one image i.e. in the above example create a new image that has walls and doors in it.

In your example
"<info>shapeId: '248' name: 'visual' nodeId: '10392' materialIds: '400,111,154,196,185,403,327,187,156'</info>"
this would require the image textures assigned to these material IDs '400,111,154,196,185,403,327,187,156' to be combined into one image.
If not possible then the mesh would require to be opened in BLender and split into different meshes each with their own materialId/texture.

Siegfried Limberger (Slimbo) 04.07.2023 18:27
Good day,
thank you for the quick help.

I have no experience with blender unfortunately, I have several streets with the same texture, which are also output to me as errors.

would it be possible to export the roads in a simple xml to save and then let load via the placeables, and from the editor then delete may I do that?

or am I thinking too simple.
Thanks a lot

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 05.07.2023 11:17
Whilst it is possible to export the roads as an i3d and then add them as a placeable, unfortunately I think you will find that the texture problem will still be picked up by Giants testing programme as that now picks up occluder naming (Warning: Mesh has occluder flag set but is not named 'occluder' ) and occluder size (Warning: Occluder is very small and should probably be removed, bounding radius 2.173 )
I'm afraid you will have to learn Blender if you want to solve this texture (and other) problems, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube to get you started.

One can only hope that Giants update the testrunner programme to include all these new tests

Siegfried Limberger (Slimbo) 05.07.2023 18:30

Until I learned the blender comes the LS23, according to the tester says that a fix is not necessary, then I try so my luck.
Although it gives me sleepless nights the yellow error.

Well thanks for your quick help.

Greetings Sigi

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