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Created08.07.2023 21:34

Henri Henkka (MaanTieBanani) 08.07.2023 21:34
a little help is needed with covers!
Is there a way to get cover to open when unloading but still to allow loading when closed? When i put fillunitindex it opens when unloading but i would need it to allow loading when closed for my mod.

I would appreciate the help!

Wenjie Feng (HatsuneKid) 09.07.2023 03:35
Missing fillUnitIndices="x" in your code?

<coverConfiguration openCoverWhileTipping="true">
<cover openAnimation="toggleCover" fillUnitIndices="4"/>

Henri Henkka (MaanTieBanani) 09.07.2023 08:01
thanks for the answer Wenjie Feng! but I understood that I can't do what I want with cover. but I found another way to accomplish what I want to my mod

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