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Created17.07.2023 22:17

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 17.07.2023 22:17
I have started to build me a new map and I want some grapes to show up on my map when I start it up. I can see that the poles are on the ground but not the wires between them and not the info when you walk up to them. I have started a new savegame for every test without mods, Only my map,

Here is what I did, first I start up a new game, bought the farmland and put on some grapes to the ground in a strait line. I then saved the game and closed it. I then copyed the grape information in my savegame1 placeables.xml file and paste it into my map placeables.xml file.. Like this:

<placeable filename="data/placeables/lizard/grape/grapeSingleton.xml" id="60" position="100 -101 0" rotation="0 0 0" age="5.000000" price="0.000000" >
<segment start="-280.34338378906 697.74914550781" end="-283.32505664539 772.68985291692"/>

I can`t get it to work and I need som help. I have seen others do this and they work on their maps but not mine, do I miss something ?

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