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Created02.08.2023 15:05

Dimittee Walker (Ghost3dGirlGaming) 02.08.2023 15:05
Hi there

I am needing some help as I have never done this ever. I am wanting to make a map or two for myself and friends to paly on that has our own design and ideas.

The issue I am having trouble with is, how do I get the correct pathway to my Giants Editor from xbox? As I can't make anything until I have the right pathway.

If anybody could kindly help a newbie such as myself out with this, it would be very greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.08.2023 15:44
You cannot Map and mod directly for Xbox, any map or mod for Xbox has to be submitted to the Modhub and tested by Giants.

Dimittee Walker (Ghost3dGirlGaming) 02.08.2023 16:26
Oh okay so I have a Windows 10 laptop that I’ll be using for modding and mapping. Just needs a pathway to choose for the editor program and I’m not sure if I can select for Xbox?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.08.2023 16:48
As far as I'm aware you cannot use any maps/mods directly from Xbox, Giants Editor is PC only in both operation and Game creation, so you will need the PC version of FS22..
As I previously said any mods/maps created for Xbox will have to be submitted to Giants for testing (see modHub guidlines for testing criteria).and if suitable they will then be released on Modhub for everyone.
Maps/mods can be created and used in the PC version of the game without testing by Giants.
So in your case if you wish to create mods/maps just for yourself and your friends you will all need to be on PC.

John Leutner (JohnnyLeutner) 20.04.2024 05:17
The directory u want to use in GE for the PC Game Pass version is "C:/XboxGames/Farming Simulator 22 - Window 10 Edition/Content/".

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