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Created06.08.2023 09:56

Przemek23433 (Przemek12) 06.08.2023 09:56
Hello, I have a problem with the animation of a building which is a production point. I need to write an animation of an arm that works up
and down. The production point only accepts 'animationNodes' entries. I would need 'animation name=" " ' entries because they work there on '<part node=" "...' but such entries are only accepted by the vehicle and I would need them in the placeable building. Is there any way to add an 'animations' section to a placeable building?

Peter Farmer (zippyo) 11.08.2023 15:30
in XML

<animatedObject saveId="whatever name in mesh" >
<animation duration="30">
<part node="0|18|1">
<Keyframe time="0" translation="0 0 0" rotation="0 0 0"/>
<Keyframe time="0.200" translation="5 0 0" rotation="0 -0 0"/>
<Keyframe time="0.400" translation="10.5 0 0" rotation="0 -0 0"/>
<Keyframe time="0.600" translation="21 0 0" rotation="0 -0 0"/>
<Keyframe time="0.800" translation="31.5 0 0" rotation="0 -0 0"/>
<Keyframe time="1.000" translation="42 0 0" rotation="0 -0 0"/>
<controls triggerNode="0|18|0" posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" posText="up" negText="down" />

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