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Add more Buttons to FS22

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Created13.10.2023 13:12

Rafael Kita (Foxloop) 13.10.2023 13:12
Hallo have a project with joystick/gamepad and would like to use more buttons in FS22.
This time can only use 32 Buttons of 64. The rest of the Buttons wouldn't be recognized by FS22.

Wrote already a inputDevicesManual XML with 64Buttons. But if press e.g. Button 60 FS22 didn't regonized it, and did nothing. The Button 1-32 will be recognized.

Why is it so? Do i have to write an own drivers or is it possible to add the rest of the Buttons. With joystick Progs it did.
Were can i find the inputDevice categorys. Couldn't find in the documantation.

Please help.

Denis Marchesin (Argon70) 27.10.2023 18:24
Hi, I also built a button panel with 64 buttons.
Convinced that with the update up to 128 buttons could be implemented.
I created the inputDevicesManual xml file for 64 buttons but when I am in game and try to map the buttons, only the first 32 are recognized while the others are not.
I ask for help on how to solve the problem.
Thank you

Rafael Kita (Foxloop) 02.11.2023 08:10
Yes I have same problem too.

The Hori and Thrustmaster devices have more Buttons and should be OK I think.
I made a XML too but nothing happens. Doesn't matter how many.
Have already directInput Device too.
Do you know maybe which device category do we need to use? Or which device category do exist?

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