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problem with .hgd file

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Created19.10.2023 17:04

Ralf Hamm (Project69) 19.10.2023 17:04

I have a problem with my hightmap. I got a hgt file from my region to create my map. ATM the download for MicroDEM doesn`t exists anymore. The version I can download from can`t read hgt files.

So any Idea how I can extract my map_dem from my hgt file?

Sorry I`m really new to all this.

Thank you very much in advance

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 19.10.2023 19:15
map_dem file is a png file you will have to convert your hgt file into a png file

Online converter

Ralf Hamm (Project69) 23.10.2023 16:14
Thank you! Very kind of you

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