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Created21.10.2023 10:30

Olivier Olivier (olivierdes) 21.10.2023 10:30
bonjour je veux mettre sur ma map la vente de bois avec le trigger sellingStationWood il n'apparait pas sur la map
storeitems.xml <storeItem xmlFilename="$data/placeables/mapFR/sellingStationWood/sellingStationWood.xml" />
et ds placeables <placeable filename="$mapdir$/maps/placeables/sellingStationWood/sellingStationWood.xml" position="-17.104 139.015 73.566" rotation="0 0 0" />
merci de m'aider

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 21.10.2023 12:16
You are calling the store item from the main $data folder (storeitems.xml <storeItem xmlFilename="$data/placeables/mapFR/sellingStationWood/sellingStationWood.xml" />) not from the placeable folder storeitems.xml <storeItem xmlFilename="maps/placeables/sellingStationWood/sellingStationWood.xml" />

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