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Created21.10.2023 11:09

yung_apollo 21.10.2023 11:09
The fence on elmcreek map was annoying me so i tried to remove it through giants editor. I succesfully removed the fence but later on i noticed some bugs on the map, where the chunks of road was missing. Any idea of what could cause it or how could i repair it or revert it to prevorious state?
Aprrieciate any help

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 21.10.2023 12:05
You have obviously deleted the transform group containiing not only the fence but parts of the road as well.
If you have deleted the fence from the base game Elmcreek (not a mod) then you may have to re install the game to get the road section back.
Another alternative is to download a Elmcreek mod map and see if the road section is in that if so copy paste the complete transform group back into your version and the just delete the fence.

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