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Created21.10.2023 13:38

Henri Henkka (MaanTieBanani) 21.10.2023 13:38
How do you guys bake dirt and wear maps in blender when udim is anything other then 0? is it even possible?

Mombots 23.11.2023 11:02
Simply make a copy of your blend file, move all UVs to zero, and you can bake the texture.
There are also add-ons for Blender that support baking in the Udim grid. SimpleBake can do this, as far as I know.
There is also a Blender add-on "UDIM Repack Toolkit" from Paint-a-Farm on GitHub, with which you can reset the UVs to 0 and move them correctly again.
So there are many ways that all lead to the goal.

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