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Created06.12.2023 21:59

Mike Mueller (WorkingCoder404) 06.12.2023 21:59
I am trying to create a 6x map and keep getting the following error:

Error: Height map 'C:/Users/mikem/OneDrive/Documents/My FS 22 Mods/Mod_Map_US/maps/mapUS/data/map_dem.png' width must either be n^2 or n^2+1.

Comparing the weight image files to 2k and 4k maps I have resized as follows:

All weight images: 6144
All densityMaps: 12288
infoLayer_farmland: 3072
infoLayer_indoorMask: 12288
infoLayer_navigationCollision: 6144
infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 3072
infoLayer_tipCollisiion: 12288
infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 12288
map_dem: 3073 (I have also tried 3072)
In the map.xml file I changed the height and width to 6144.

Comparing to the 2K and 4K maps it looked like the weight files were the same size as the intended map size, density files were twice as wide and tall, and the infoLayer files we either the same, double, or half the intended map size. is 3073x3073 for the map_dem not the right size? Is there another reference for the map_dem that needs to be updated? This is the first time I'm attempting any kind of mod, I have been learning as I go and watching as many youtube videos I can find, but most of the resize has been attempted by resolving errors in the GE log. This error I cannot figure out.

Here is a google drive link to the mod files:

William Rowe (Bonger76) 07.12.2023 01:56
I dont think a 6x map would work you have to double 2x, 4x, 16x, 32x,. " 2x is normal map size. "
I think that is what the error means.
Hope this helps

Normal map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 4096x4096
2. densityMap_ground: 4096x4096
3. densityMap_height: 4096x4096
4. densityMap_stones: 4096x4096
5. densityMap_weed: 4096x4096
6. infoLayer_farmland: 1024x1024
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 4096x4096
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 2048x2048
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 1024x1024
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 4096x4096
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 4096x4096
12. map_dem: 1025x1025

4x map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 8192x8192
2. densityMap_ground: 8192x8192
3. densityMap_height: 8192x8192
4. densityMap_stones: 8192x8192
5. densityMap_weed: 8192x8192
6. infoLayer_farmland: 2048x2048
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 8192x8192
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 4096x4096
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 2048x2048
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 8192x8192
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 8192x8192
12. map_dem: 2049x2049

- [ in your map i3d. in the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize="4096" ]

16x map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 16384x16384
2. densityMap_ground: 16384x16384
3. densityMap_height: 16384x16384
4. densityMap_stones: 16384x16384
5. densityMap_weed: 16384x16384
6. infoLayer_farmland: 4096x4096
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 16384x16384
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 8192x8192
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 4096x4096
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 16384x16384
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 16384x16384
12. map_dem: 4097x4097

- [ in your map i3d. in the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize="8192" ]

Mike Mueller (WorkingCoder404) 07.12.2023 16:02
Yeah I did the same test late last night but with an 8x and it works. So the map size must be a result of 2^x. Just means I'll have a bigger map haha

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