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Adding chopper types to a map

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Created22.12.2023 03:12

Tyson Mccrary (TM1999) 22.12.2023 03:12
I have been attempting to add an extra type of chopped straw for a crop. I have everything working in editor on the map it is paintable and no errors. However once in-game combines will not paint the new type onto the ground. Only error I have to go off of is this.

Warning: Invalid chopperTypeName name 'CHOPPER_SOYBEAN' for 'map.fruitTypes.fruitType(6).harvest'.

I know the only valid ones at this time are CHOPPER_STRAW and CHOPPER_MAIZE which is seen in the maps_fruit_Types.xml
My question is are there any other names? or is the game not able to accept any additional ones

I am only attempting to change the sprayed straw texture for soybeans for now.

I also referenced this thread

But checking everything in there it seems I have reached the same spot as the person in that thread.

But if this just isn't possible I would like to at least know that I found the end is the game not allowing more than 2 types and I can't go any further.

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