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Object moving with game time

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Created23.12.2023 15:32

Stefano Pipoletto (StefanoP) 23.12.2023 15:32
Hi, is there a way to make an object changing position based on the game month?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 23.12.2023 16:07
Yes, use the Visibilty Condition in GE

Stefano Pipoletto (StefanoP) 23.12.2023 16:53
Great! So I need to use visibility? How do I make it so that this object is higher during certain month of the ingame time.

I need a bit more details.

If I could have it to move with the hours would actually be even better. Let's say I need it at a level for 12 hours and moved higher on his Y for the other 12 hours. How do I do so?

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