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Node not moving in game

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Created12.01.2024 04:04

Chris Gould (Ciggy0001) 12.01.2024 04:04
Hi guys, I am trying to shift a node for a hose connection but the changes in giants aren't replicated in game. Not sure what else you need to do apart from move the transform/node and save but there must be something I'm missing. Thanks

Alcides Lisboa (Sonek4) 18.07.2024 03:19
Hi! I saw that no one else has had time to answer you, or maybe, not the knowloedge. I may not have the knowledge but i may have the time though: maybe, i am not entirely sure ok? but maybe you should also work around in the xml file where you must write the relative path, node number ect, of the node you wish to move out. If you're not completely sure what you must do in the xml, try to see other mods xml files, read them and learn how to write them. I am doing it myself (yes, i'm also new to modding arts) and it's going well so far. Well, hope i could help somehow. Good luck!

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