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Manure heap on placeable

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Created14.01.2024 12:32

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 14.01.2024 12:32
Hey all smart people in here.

So I have a problem relating to xml files.

I'm making a new map, and have decided that the start farm needs a cowbarn. I found a mod I really like.
The only thing I cant get to work, is the manureheap.
It integrated in the mod.
I'm pretty sure, at the problem is in the xml, and that I need to change something in the mod.
The modDesc have these lines

<type name="animalCowManure" parent="cowHusbandry" filename="$dataS/scripts/placeables/Placeable.lua">
<specialization name="manureHeap" />
I guess its the specialization that I dont have in my mod.xml, as it dosnt generate manure, even if there is straw in the barn. I have testes the barn as a stand alone mod, and it works fine, I want it as a placable in my map.

Is there a way, to make this in the xml of the placable, when I want it to be a placable in my map, and not a mod.

All is working ingame with the barn in except the manureheap, wich is integrated in the mod, I as it has an animation, I dont wanne delete it, and take a generic from the defaults in the game.

So how do I get my mod.xml to also aknowlede that there is a manureheap with the barn.

Hope someone can help.

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