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Created15.01.2024 12:40

J. Smith (u_couple) 15.01.2024 12:40
Is there an easy way to "cultivate all fields" on a map I like the look of using giants editor ? It would take me days to do it manually using either a cultivator or the landscaping tool. Any help really appreciated guys.

M_k Mcd4 (MKMcD) 16.01.2024 15:28
In game or in the map editor?

In game use the mod "Easy Development Controls" it's on modhub.

J. Smith (u_couple) 16.01.2024 20:57
Either would suit my friend, I can't figure out how to make all fields cultivated.

J. Smith (u_couple) 16.01.2024 21:20
I must also add that this is basically a blank map, even though I own the fields, I still have to go in and "allow create fields" and then cultivate the field before it shows up as being owned by me. No good trying to get a worker to do it, courseplay doesn't recognise it as a field unless I manually cultivate it.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 16.01.2024 22:44

J. Smith (u_couple) 17.01.2024 09:21
Thanks mate, that looks like it could be a little over my level of knowledge !

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