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Hay bales as production input

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Created28.01.2024 18:15

Reef Brown (Reef_UK) 28.01.2024 18:15
Hi is it possible to set hay bales (or at the very least drygrass or drygrass_windrow) as the input ingredient on a production, I have the output ready to go as pallets but I get a warning in the log that says "Input filltype 'DRYGRASS_WINDROW' is not supported by unloading station"

Chris Depledge (Deathspledge) 30.01.2024 19:38
Do you have a baleTrigger set up or just the unloadTrigger?

Reef Brown (Reef_UK) 04.02.2024 20:20
Hi, just the unloadTrigger, I wasn't sure how or whether I needed to implement a bale trigger

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 04.03.2024 22:22
Hi. to unload the bales you need a bale trigger. I made a mod that makes small grass sacks to feed my lambs with.

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