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Created02.03.2024 12:27

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 02.03.2024 12:27
Is there something I need to be aware of regarding the parked car function?
I can't get cars to spawn.

There is a parkedCar transformgrp and it is at the bottom of my trafficSystem transformgroup.
I have a traffic.xml

I have set like 10 placed for cars to park, but not 1 show up.
Have had the game running for like 1 full year ingame time.

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 25.03.2024 13:44
I think each parked car requires a coordinate system under the parkedCars transform group in the traffic system.

Mr P gaming has a tutorial on YouTube on how to remove the parked cars.
I suggest looking at that to see if there is a way to reverse engineer the directions to ensure you have the cars show up in game.

Also, perhaps the coordinates for the parked cars may need to be zeroed out. The cars could be spawing under ground or something.
Maybe load the game with the map and see if the cars are falling under the ground level or spawing under ground.

Hopefully this helps.

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