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fillUnit index understanding

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Created09.03.2024 19:10

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 09.03.2024 19:10
HI people, hope someone can help.

I having truble with understanding of fillUnit index, wheel index and so on, how to find them and how to fix it so you can get the right indexe`s.

in my case I have made a new gastank trailer. Now, the trailer work and have no problem with it, but my log file gives me a warning. it goes like this.

Warning! MyGasTrailer50000L.xml): Index '3' ,2, 4 not defined for configuration 'fillUnit'!

There is no "index word or number under the fillUnits in the xml file.

This trailer take nitrogen and methane. Both nitrogen and methane is in my fillType.xml on my map.

I can`t figure out what this means and how to fix this. Where do I look, where to get the inforation on this.

hoping for some help Thank you

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