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How does Cylindered work?

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Created19.03.2024 23:34

Nicola Trombini (Chappie) 19.03.2024 23:34
So I have fundamentally three questions I don't seem to figure out about cylindered
1. What is "delayedNode", and what is the difference with dependentPart?
2. Why do some mods have the user control a transform group whose name ends with _dummy, whilst having the actual mesh to be moved as a delayedNode?
3. In <movingPart>, what exactly are the parameters referencePoint and referenceFrame, and most importantly, how does the orientation of the transform passed to these parameters affect the movement of the component specified in movingPart?

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 25.03.2024 13:36
I am also still working through all of this to understand the inner workings of the game.

From what I can tell, it appears that the "delayedNode" should be assigned to collisions.
The collisions take longer to move compared to "empties" (just coordinates) because the collisions are interacting with other collisions/the enviroment.
You want to create the dummy parts (i.e. empties without collisions) so that the game can visually move your component quickly and accurately.
The collisions usually show up a bit after the move/translation is completed.

You can see this if you turn on the 1st F5 menu if you have the developer mode on. You can see the collisions moving slower or having a delay after a move initiates and finishes.

I think the reference items are to help keep the visual parts of the model moving together. Or giving parametric data : for example, a shaft that can only move between 2 points.

Hopefully this helps.I'm still working on some of this myself.

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