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Created22.03.2024 13:59

asundrus 22.03.2024 13:59

I have edited my balers workarea width, and it works just fine, but what I'd like to add, is a visual representation of the workarea width, like for example in the QuickBale mod by Mark Thor, as seen on the last screenshot here:

I'm quite new at modding, so any help would be greatly appreciated

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 25.03.2024 13:24
That mod is a perfect example of how to achieve what you would like.

The biggest key is to make sure that what ever shape/visual marker you create, ensure that there are no collisions on those parts.
You can also add lighting to the part and assign it to the correct light queue for vehicles.

I would suggest just adding shapes to your model first, even the basic geometry like a cube or sphere, then ensure it represents the distance/work area width. Try it in game and evolve it from there: meaning changing the shape, color, adding option to visually see (see adding a foldable configuration ; Alternatively add a configuration (designconfig) to show the markers or not.

Hope this helps and happy modding.

asundrus 28.03.2024 10:04
Thank you for your reply and suggestions, I will have a go at it after easter.

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