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Created23.03.2024 23:06

Based God (basedgod1488) 23.03.2024 23:06
I am removing a fence and a building on the Elm Creek map. When I add the modded map to the game The map and minimap show nothing but the fields on a red background with black text that reads: Inner Map. I cannot figure out how to fix this issue. Am I accidentally deleting a layer? Am I saving the mod or saving the game incorrectly?

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 25.03.2024 13:31
Check the directory for the mini map.
If you are creating a copy of the base game map, you may have to copy the image file that represents the minimap.
The symbol and word "$data" usually indicates something that is located in the base files for the game.

I think you should look in the map's xml and locate the 2nd line - "imageFilename". See where the xml is pulling the minimap from.
Hope this helps.

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