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Created30.03.2024 19:50

Marc Cottee (Marc76) 30.03.2024 19:50

I'm trying to edit a mod for personal use to make it compatible with the new Expandable Pastures mod. The animal pen also uses the Enhanced Animal System mod.

Firstly, within the original mod there were 3 planes within the navigationRootNode.

I deleted two of the planes, and am trying to edit the third to cover the area I want (I'm not too worried about the area it covers, since I'll be using the Expandable Pastures anyway.

I've adjusted the position and size of the plane to cover the area I want, and have then created a new Navigation Mesh and linked that in the xml.

When I load the game I'm getting warnings in the log that the Feeding Place is outside of the navmesh for type ...EnhancedAnimalSystem/animals/domesticated/sheep/goat with head offset 0.755000

I've expanded the plane and resized it multiple times and exported it as a Navigation Mesh but I'm still getting the warning.

I'm not sure if the error is with my navmesh, the Expandable Pastures mod, or Enhanced Animal System.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Thank you!

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