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No, straw or cut grass

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Created06.04.2024 23:55

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 06.04.2024 23:55
Figured it out myself ;)

Anankas36 08.05.2024 16:11
Please! How?
There is a ready-made map, the author of which cannot figure it out himself according to him ...
The map is painted over with beautiful grass (lawns, around fields and roads, etc. free and purchased territories, BUT! This grass is not displayed as a crop, if you select "Grass" on the map, it simply does not display! And of course it cannot be mowed down, etc.
Moreover, the sown grass on the plowed field grows as it should.
Tell me, what did the author not take into account? Maybe it is necessary to repaint the grass by putting some ticks/ layers, etc. in GE? Or is it possible to fix some parameters in the XML files of the map?
Please help me!!! The map is wonderful, the only drawback is not mowed grass...
Sorry for possible mistakes in text. Not my native language.

Anankas36 08.05.2024 16:46
I realized that grass is not displayed as a crop, because... all "free grass" (not in the fields) is colored as "meadow".
I tested the map with standard mowers, but the point is that a grass_windrow is not created when mowing. Moreover, the grass itself disappears, as if it had been mowed down. The problem is the lack of mowed grass!
Please tell me!
P.S. Straw, etc. appears when I’m working in the fields... I checked it specifically... But maybe your solution will also work for the map under discussion (Nordgrad map, in case someone can look at the source code themselves to find the problem)...

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