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Created12.04.2024 14:45

Didier Morandi (Papocle) 12.04.2024 14:45
Hi there,
I wish to learn how to build a vehicule from scratch for FS22.
I found a lot of videos on the Net about Giants Editor and Modding, but all the stuff I started to read talks about an object already built in Blender (or the two other programs I forgot the name of).
Does this mean the process is the following one:

1° create the object with Blender
2° import it into the Giants Editor
3° do what has to be done with the Editor to build a Mod which will be suitable for FS22

If so, I have to start learning Blender first, then I move to the Editor, right ?
Any links to good training for Newbies would be greatly appreciated.
(I found a lot of videos in here on the subject, but they are in German...)

William Evans (Swilley) 14.04.2024 20:45
Blender or Maya either or there are great videos on youtube how to use blender that are very useful and be aware there will be some plugins that you will need with blender to make things easier and for you to be able to export your blender project as an i3D for giants editor

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