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Created21.04.2024 02:34

Cody Thorne (ffthorne05) 21.04.2024 02:34
Hello! I've been working on a map conversion and all has been going well but now I can't get the map to load into game. Not sure where it went wrong. The map quits loading at 60%. I have to force close the game and the game log gives this error:

Error: Running LUA method 'loadSharedI3DFileFinished'.
dataS/scripts/environment/SnowSystem.lua(166) : attempt to index field 'indoorMask' (a nil value)

I'm not sure where to look to find the issue.

There are no other mods loaded into the game when testing.

There are placeables integrated into the map.

Any ideas are welcome! Hate to loose all the work...

illgib81 26.04.2024 21:03
In the editor, have you built the snow mask? Just a guess.
Under Scripts, Maps, Build snow mask.
While you're there you can compile collision mask too.

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