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Created16.06.2024 12:55

Nina Andersen (WolfieeGirl) 16.06.2024 12:55
HI. I have a issue with trying to understand Index numbers. where to find them adn hoe to fix them.

I have got a warning in my log on my trailer that I`m trying to fix.

Warning: Trailer.xml): Index '2' not defined for configuration 'tensionBelts'

This is what I`m dealing with. I can`t figure out how to fix it.

The trailer works as it should but I`m not happy with the warning

I hope someone can take the time to explain it to me and how to fix it.

Thank you.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 18.06.2024 02:31
What do you have in your xml for tensionBelts?
Sample from xuv865M.xml:

<tensionBelts linkNode="tensionBelts" jointNode="0>" width="0.055" maxEdgeLength="0.1" geometryBias="0.01" ratchetPosition="0.2" defaultOffset="0.1" defaultOffsetSide="0.1" defaultHeight="4" >
<tensionBelt startNode="tensionBeltStart1" endNode="tensionBeltEnd1" offsetLeft="0.2" />
<tensionBelt startNode="tensionBeltStart2" endNode="tensionBeltEnd2" />

<addBelt template="beltOpen" />
<removeBelt template="beltClose" />

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