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Created02.10.2021 16:33

Stephane Daigle (Frag2000) 02.10.2021 16:33
Hi guys,

I feel bad for asking but I was not able to find my answer on this. Is a new tool or version of the Giants Editor will be used for FS22, if yes is it already available in beta somewhere for the modders? I know for sure that the maps could not be tested in games, but maybe we can start working on maps.

Thanks guys! I was out of the loop for a while ... just comming back.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.10.2021 04:22
Quite sure FS22 will need a new editor. But it will not be published before official game release.
Usually the editor is already on the DVD version. Others must wait perhaps for GDN download.

Since the GE uses very much files of the game installation, a pre-release would not make any sense.

Stephane Daigle (Frag2000) 03.10.2021 05:06
Make senses! Thanks for the reply Bilbo! Can't wait to put my hand on that editor!

Charlie Oscar (E516B) 23.11.2021 15:43
Hi there,

i had the same question. I asked a friend for the new GE but this time there is no GE added to the DVD Box.

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