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Created27.11.2021 03:26

James Cooper (JCOOPER) 27.11.2021 03:26
I'm in the process of converting the in-game map to a 8km map. what are the best sizes for the following grle files?

infoLayer_indoorMask - 4096 Current Size
infoLayer_navigationCollision - 2048 Current Size
infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated - 1024 Current Size
infoLayer_tipCollision - 4096 Current Size
infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated - 4096 Current Size

Thank you,

Jan-hendrik Pfitzner - GIANTS Software 19.01.2022 17:31
Depends on the outcome you want.

More detailed = less performance

Since you wrote it two month ago, maybe you have some information for us, which one worked out for you the best?

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