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FS 22 pallet Spawner Bast on filltype

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Created06.12.2021 21:33

Michael Jensen (FoxMice) 06.12.2021 21:33

I'm trying to make a Warehouse that can hold all types of pallet types but I really want to FX. tomato only spawner at a specific location ..

some who can help with XML code that do so. and is it even posible to do it.

and has enyone a way to edit the Volume of a pallet

Best regards


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2021 22:17
The "PalletSpawner.lua" doesn't support fillType or palletType depending spawn places.
You would need a custom script.

The volume of a pallet is usually defined in the pallet.xml
<fillUnit .. fillTypes=.. capacity=.. >

But I'd assume also the legacy method is still supported, where you have fillType and amount in i3d user attribute. May depend on type of pallet.

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