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FS22 - How do you get SNOW on the roof?

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Created18.12.2021 13:10

Dog Face (Dogface) 18.12.2021 13:10
Does anyone know how to get snow on the roof of a Placeable mod?

I can make the model in Blender (2 UV maps and Vertex Paint), and the snow shows in-game, but it appears all at once, And there is no light snow accumulation, as there is on the map buildings.

I seem to be missing something. I have copied all the settings in GE from stock Placeables. This makes me think I am missing something in Blender settings.

Bohdan Tkachenko (bohdan_538) 28.01.2022 16:40
but how to do it for something? I tried to do it but it didn’t work out for me, it is exported directly with the blender texture, are there any guides?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 28.01.2022 17:14
Try this for getting the snow on the roof

The snow dusting is achieved by creating a 2nd UV call it snowMask (same method as for buildingShader Vmask) select all faces, UV unwrap --smart UV Project, move all to the left of the UV0 (UV1) then deselect, then select only the areas you want the snow dusting to cover, once done unwrap -smart UV Project once again (it will automatically go to the UV0 position), remove all textures from the snowMask UV map. Reselect the first UV map ( reassign texture if necessary) and export model as i3d.
Import model into Giants editor and add bulding shader or placeableShader.xml. with Variation None, save model and import into game either by direct import in GE or by placeable.
Vertex paint is only required for the roof snow mesh and is not needed for the dusting

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