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Created23.12.2021 14:00

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 23.12.2021 14:00

there is yes in the game directory Farming Simulator 2022/data/maps the maps_stones.xml
I’d like to reduce the amount of stones.
I would like to add that to my modmap.
But I don’t know how.
Because nothing is stored in the map. xml.

I would be very happy to hear an answer.

Ticho / Drewcz (drewCZ) 04.04.2022 20:59
For me also is this setup hidden. Could help us with anyone?
Thank you.

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 05.04.2022 20:35
The stones are generated from the densityMap_stones.gdm and always appear on the location, where a pixel has the color code (hex) 010101, which translates to rgb (1,1,1).

If you convert the gdm file to a png via the grle converter, you can open it with -> click "correction" -> automatic (shortcut: ctrl + shift + L) and see the individual dots. (Of course you can use other picture editing/design programs)

You can lower the amount of stones by lowering the amount of dots. Which method you choose for this task is up to you. (There are plenty of tutorial videos for the most popular programs on how to edit pictures. Think about a good keyword for this task)
Make sure that the final image has only 2 colors in rgb (0,0,0) and rgb (1,1,1), because the engine looks up this picture with 1 numchannel (2^1 options: 0=nothing, 1=stone)

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