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Created30.12.2021 19:35

Switcher Switch (Switcher) 30.12.2021 19:35
Hello, i have problem with my 4x map, map dem 2049*2049, density map fruit , ground 8192*8192, infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated 2048*2048, infoLayer_indoorMask 8192*8192, infoLayer_navigationCollision 2048*2048, infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated 2048*2048 , BUT when i created new game , my infoLayer limeLevel and plowLevel has size 4096*4096, but its wrong, this level should have size 8192*8192, does anybody help with this problem ? Thank you

Filip Flamaceta (MonkeyWalk97) 03.01.2022 16:50
This is my way of fixing the issue:
1.Put fieldGround.xml in your map.
2.In map.xml change the path for fieldGround.xml, also change the path in the fieldGround.xml to your infoLayer_plow,lime, etc. .png locations.
3.Convert the 5 grle`s to png and scale them to 8192x8192 and paint them black.
4.Put the png`s in the location that you defined in the fieldGround.xml

Hope this works for you.

Switcher Switch (Switcher) 04.01.2022 07:58
Thank you so much!

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