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Created04.01.2022 18:46

Henrik Olofsson (Ljungaan) 04.01.2022 18:46

I have some issues with Giants Editor that I hope can be resolved here.

1. Trying to get a Sleeptrigger to work but can't find how to place a Sleeptrigger.

And the other thing is that it is possible to get the buildings in-game via build to Giants Editor as an I3D file


Henrik =)

Peter Ammersinn (ammersinn) 04.01.2022 18:57
Hello Hendik,

you can go to Farming Simulator 22/data/placables, where you will find all the .i3ds for the placable buildings. To get these buildings into your map, you need to open the i3d file of your desired building and click the upper most transform group in the scenegraph. Once selected you need to click file, then click Export Selection with Files... and save it to your map directory. When exiting the GE, be sure to click dont save, or you wont be able to play multiplayer anymore, sice you altered the game files.

For your second Question: Just go to any house ( for example Farming Simulator 22\data\placeables\mapAlpine\farmBuildings\farmHouse ) and export the sleeping trigger with the camera and name them in the xml of your Map.

I Hope i was able to help you!

Henrik Olofsson (Ljungaan) 04.01.2022 19:24
Thanks! :)

I have found the Export of the trigger but i have only a grey cube,
And what is the name of the xml i have to change/add and the line?

Peter Ammersinn (ammersinn) 04.01.2022 19:34

under the transform Group "farmHouseFeatures" you should find "sleepingTrigger" and "sleepingCamera" . You select them both and export.

Henrik Olofsson (Ljungaan) 04.01.2022 20:06

found it :) but nothing is happening when trying to sleep, i don't know it i can paste a picture of the trigger in-game and also in Giants Editor.

But it may be the wrong xml file, what xml file is it i am going to use.

Peter Ammersinn (ammersinn) 04.01.2022 21:16
You have to paste

<farmhouse spawnNode="INDEX">
<sleeping triggerNode="INDEX" cameraNode="INDEX"/>

In your map's xml and replace INDEX with the coresponding Index Path you can find in the Attributes Tab when you select the Trigger / the Camera
also... you need to place an empty transform Group and write its index into "spawnNode="INDEX" " . Place this transform Group where you want the Player to spawn after sleeping.

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