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Created09.01.2022 22:16

Jesse Pinkman (BULL083) 09.01.2022 22:16
Title says it. i made a 2x (standard game size) custom map. I would like to convert it to a 4x map. I have 4x map ready downloaded. Just wondering if it possible?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 10.01.2022 00:12
It's absolutely possible but you won't be needing the downloaded 4X, although I suppose you could do it that if you really wanted to. There are a lot of files that need to be resized and other things that need to be changed in the i3d, etc. Too many to write a detailed post about it. I know that I've seen articles about it in the past, not sure where though, try to google it.

Here are the following sizes for 4x as a reference:

1. densityMap_fruits: 8192x8192
2. densityMap_ground: 8192x8192
3. densityMap_height: 8192x8192
4. densityMap_stones: 8192x8192
5. densityMap_weed: 8192x8192
6. infoLayer_farmland: 2048x2048
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 8192x8192
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 4096x4096
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 2048x2048
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 8192x8192
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 8192x8192
12. map_dem: 2049x2049

You will need the GRLE converter from GDN to convert the GRLE and GDM files. All of your _weight files need to be 4096. The DEM you can't just enlarge. On the DEM the highest point on the map is pure white, the lowest pure black. Pick a shade somewhere in between (maybe some trial and error), create a 2049 file with that background color, and place your existing DEM square in the middle of it. I actually took the original DEM, enlarged it, hit it with 15-20% gaussian blur, and then placed the original in the middle. Worked pretty well. You also need to change the lodTextureSize to 4096 in the map.i3d. This is just the gist of it and I'm probably missing some things so make sure to Google it.


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