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Created10.01.2022 02:51

Patton_M47 10.01.2022 02:51
Hi I made a mod and for some reason it doesn't want to attach to my machine of choice any suggestions?

Ben Filer (Bfiler95) 18.01.2022 13:09
Have you got the ID correct? Is the attacher joint type correct? i.e trailer low, trailer high etc.. We need more information. Post the attached joint part of the XML and it may help to see what's going on

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.01.2022 03:27
Beneath the joint type in xml:
Check in i3d your attacher node for right orientation. The x-direction (red arrow) must point towards the attacher connection.

Bubba Tucker (Bubbas) 02.02.2022 07:55
I have the same issue.

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