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Created11.01.2022 15:26

Terry Jc Janes (LostNewf26) 11.01.2022 15:26
I have a placeable mod xml that won't show up in game and the only eror I have, is warning FS22_BillboardSign/farmSign.xml): Missing brush tab. I have text <brush><type>placeable</type><category>decoration</category><tab>uncategorized </tab></brush> under the storeData. Can't figureout why it is saying that, I looked at similar items from the ModHub, and they all have the same text. Can someone help?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 12.01.2022 01:10
Look at your XML above the brush entry and make sure there are no syntax errors and all of the tags are closed correctly. Little things like that are super easy to overlook.

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