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Created12.01.2022 14:32

Cedric S (camced) 12.01.2022 14:32
Hello everybody, I've spent quite a bit of time trying to edit a chicken barn from the game to delete the park arround it and a few other things, i've fxed everything and changed all the things i wanted to change, but the navMesh gives me a headache...
I can't find a way to edit it and the solutions to do it on fs19 don't work anymore, if anybody could help me that would be awesome!
Thanks in advance!

Masterchat (MasterChat) 14.01.2022 17:16
Hello Cedric S,

You need to update the navigationRootNode.

--> Step 1 Import the animal species into your map.
and then you create a new plane, like in fs19.

save it, export the animal species in your folder. then open the folder where the navigationRootNode i3d is located.
import the animal species to create a new navmesh.

select all planes, then create and then navigation Mesh
click on update, you don't have to change anything. you have created a new navigationRootNode.
remove the old one and leave the new one. save, delete the animal species.

import the animal species into your map. and place the animal species in the right place in your map.

and then you just need to put the coords right in your placeables.xml.
and then save, and then go into your game and see if you can buy the animals

Have fun

it works for me

Cedric S (camced) 15.01.2022 19:50
Thanks a lot!
I made it work thanks to you!

Masterchat (MasterChat) 16.01.2022 14:23
Hello Cedric S,

Good to hear it worked for you.
Your welcome

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