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Created12.01.2022 19:26

T*** M***** (Degusan) 12.01.2022 19:26

Does anyone know why you cannot mow meadow grass with a forage harvester with a mower header (all headers have the grass symbol on for compatible crops grass included which is also the same on butterfly mowers)? The forage harvester will cut sown grass at the harvest stage with no problems, also you can mow meadow grass with a normal butterfly mower. I tried this with no mods installed with the same issue.

Thanks T

Ben Filer (Bfiler95) 17.01.2022 19:55
May have something to do with the Xml Files, the mowers are classified as mowers and the forage heads are directCutter. not got a chance to look into this but id imagine it would have something to do with the way they are defined

<mower fruitTypeConverter="MOWER">

<cutter allowsForageGrowthState="true" fruitTypeCategories="directCutter" fruitTypeConverter="forageHarvester">

Id Get a mod for a forage mower head and try changing fruitTypeConverter="forageHarvester"> to fruitTypeConverter="MOWER">

see if that works?

Garrett Hafen (GarrettHafen) 21.08.2023 21:14
Don't know if anyone has found a mod or workaround for this. I'm close, I have edited both the directDisc600 and the BigX and the meadow grass gets cut, but it doesn't come out the pipe. I'm not sure whats the next step and I've run out of time for today. I basically changed all references to 'cutter' to 'mower' in the directDisc600 and removed the automaticTilt block from the big x, this seems to have enabled meadow grass cutting, but I guess attaching a "mower" then makes it not use the pipe?

Loki Laufeyson (loki_79) 24.08.2023 20:39
I made this mod which makes meadow grass harvestable, as long as you don't mind that it makes all grass harvestable from the first growth stage:

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